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Crypt TV is an entertainment company founded by Jack Davis and Eli Roth in 2015 and backed by Jason Blum and Blumhouse Productions.
It is focused on developing, producing and distributing horror themed digital content, with an emphasis on monsters and recurring characters in linked universes.

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Films[edit | edit source]

List of Crypt Monster Universe films   List of Featured Creature films

                                                               Series[edit | edit source]

The Look-See        Mordeo        Sunny Family Cult        Stoneheart        Soot        Miss Annity


                                                             Monsters[edit | edit source]

The Look-See       Aponi       The Birch       The Thing in the Apartment        The Brute       Mira

The Kinderfänger       Soot       The Mordeo     The Sunny Family Cult       Miss Annity

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