Crypt TV is an entertainment company founded by Jack Davis and Eli Roth in 2015 and backed by Jason Blum and Blumhouse Productions. It is focused on developing, producing and distributing horror themed digital content, with an emphasis on monsters and recurring characters in linked universes.

They are best known for viral characters such as the Birch and the Look-See, Crypt specializes in short-form horror videos made for the internet. The company has garnered a combined social media following of 5 million likes on Facebook and more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

History Edit

Jack Davis, who was attending Duke University at the time, met Eli Roth at a dinner party in 2013. The pair kept in touch, discussing how to make scary entertainment effective on phone screens. Crypt TV was formed when Davis and Roth launched a "six-second scare" contest together in October 2014, as "a way to test to see if you could really make great scary content in short form on mobile,” according to Davis. The contest was featured on Good Morning America and subsequently went viral, receiving over 15,000 submissions. Roth showed the contest to Jason Blum, who was looking for a digital strategy for Blumhouse Productions, and Blum became Crypt's first investor. The company was officially launched in April 2015 in Los Angeles with just three employees: Davis, Darren Brandl as Chief Operating Officer, and Kate Krantz as Chief Content Officer.

In March 2017, Crypt TV raised $3.5 million in funding, led by venture capital fund Lerer Hippeau Ventures, a backer of Buzzfeed. The company has raised $6.2 million from past investors.

Content and Distribution Edit

Crypt releases about 100 videos every three months, building its audience through Facebook and YouTube and averaging more than 100 million online views a month. Using real-time reactions on social media to test characters and concepts, the most well-received characters are inducted into Crypt's "Monster Universe," who then form the basis for as many as 15 videos in a quarter. Giggles the Clown, The Look-See, and Sunny Family Cult are among the most popular series developed this way.

Crypt's viral characters expand beyond traditional narrative videos; Giggles the Clown does live streaming interviews with fans, engaging on social media as a typical influencer would, and she has appeared as an attraction at Knott's Scary Farm. The channel also has a merchandising deal with Spencer's Gifts, which sells merchandise for Giggles, the Birch, and Sunny Family Cult.

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