-- Mira whispering her name to Sandra

Mira, also known as "Mira Mira", is the titular character and antagonist of "Mira Mira", a short film released by Crypt TV and the fifth film in the "Crypt Fables" series. She is a monstrous demon who resides in an alternate mirror realm who comes after those who are truly "ugly on the inside".

She is portrayed by Joy Goodman.

Physical AppearanceEdit

In "Mira Mira", Mira takes on the form of the short's protagonist Sandra. However, her dirty blonde hair is oily and messy, and her clothes are tattered and covered in bloodstains. Her face is the most off-putting thing about her, as it has four long scars coming down the top, left, bottom and right sides of her face and meeting at her lips. Her eyes are vacant, and the entirety of them are milky white.  

When Mira splits her face open, she has a bloody, hellish face with a mandible-like mouth. Her eyes are exposed and they are cyan.  


Mira seems to target those who are truly vain or are “ugly on the inside” and at times seems indiscriminate about who she kills, such as when she kills Jared. However, the animated creepypasta shorts show a softer side to her, as someone who feels sympathy for others seen as freaks, such as the narrator and Patty. “New Blood” shows her comforting the original narrator in his dying moments, showing that she genuinely cared about him.

Crypt Monster UniverseEdit

Mira Mira Edit

Mira makes her debut in the Crypt Fables short "Mira Mira". She targeted the hotel's newest occupant, a woman named Sandra, who was very self-absorbed and always on her phone. When Sandra awoke, she found herself trapped inside the mirror, while Mira was back in the hotel room, looking at Sandra's lipstick. When Sandra asked for the creature's name, Mira answered her and looked up at Sandra, startling her. When Jared called out for Sandra and began coming down the stairs, Mira covered herself with a blanket, responding to Sandra's pleas not to hurt Jared by simply motioning for her to be quiet.

When Jared entered the room and tried to turn "Sandra" around, Mira suddenly stood and turned to Jared, grabbing him and morphing into her true form as a man-eating creature. Mira then sank her countless teeth into Jared's neck, killing him as Sandra helplessly watched from within the mirror. Mira then turned back to the mirror for a brief moment before walking away, leaving Sandra trapped inside the mirror realm.

Crypt Extended Universe Edit

Mira | "The Girl in the Mirror" feat. MrBlacksAA Edit

Mira reappears in the creepypasta short, "The Girl in the Mirror", which centers around the ten-year-old narrator and his twelve-year-old cousin, Amanda. Amanda was spending the night with her younger cousin, with Amanda mocking him for the embarrassing birthmark on his face. But as Amanda continued to get ready for bed, the narrator suddenly saw Mira in the mirror she was brushing her hair in front of, with Amanda only noticing her after the boy witnessed her chew up a razor blade and hearing her whisper her name to the pair.

After revealing her monstrous form, Mira pulls Amanda into the mirror, leaving her to be held down by the mannequin ghouls while Mira comes out of the mirror and approaches Amanda's cousin. After touching his birthmark, Mira suddenly retreats back into the mirror and kills Amanda by sucking her blood and organs out of her body, motioning for the boy to be quiet and regurgitating Amanda's innards onto the mirror before disappearing. While the boy eventually came to believe (after extensive therapy) that what he'd seen was a delusion and that Amanda was actually kidnapped while he was sleeping, his fourteenth birthday had him receiving a new dresser with a mirror. It was then that the boy saw Mira again, now holding his cousin's skull in her hand with a candle on top of it.

MIRA MIRA feat. MrBlacksAA | "Eye of the Beholder" Edit

In "Eye of the Beholder", the narrator was given another mirror for his bedroom for his 14th birthday, hoping it would allow him to recover from Amanda's "kidnapping". However, shortly after receiving the mirror, Mira briefly appeared to the boy again, holding Amanda's severed head. While his parents were out of town, Amanda's mother and the boy's aunt Sherry babysat for him, lambasting him for reading a horror book after bedtime and blaming him for Amanda's disappearance as she admired herself in the mirror, even referring to his birthmark as a "devil mark". At that, Mira re-appeared and emerged from the mirror, breaking Sherry's arms in an attempt to drag her into the mirror. It was then that Mira emerged from the mirror fully and killed Sherry by mutilating her with a razor blade, being stopped from dragging her corpse into the mirror by the boy's new dog Jess. Later on, though, after the boy's parents returned home and Sherry's body was found, Jess was put to sleep under the belief that he attacked and killed Sherry. Years later, the narrator (now an aging man) became secluded in a woodland cabin, keeping the vanity mirror covered as a way of keeping Mira at bay.

MIRA | "New Blood" Edit

In "New Blood", disfigured teen "Pruneface" Patty takes refuge at the man's cabin, being chased into the woods by vicious bullies Jake and Cece. After the pair broke into the cabin and Jake mortally stabbed the man, the couple prepared to mutilate Patty's face, only for the man to stop them by pulling the sheet from the mirror. At that, Mira emerged and devoured Jake and, after Cece broke the vanity, had her mirror minions reach out from the shards to rip Cece apart and drag her remains into their world. Afterwards, Mira (viewing the man as a kindred spirit) comforted him before the man died of his wounds before additionally comforting Patty before disappearing into Cece's compact mirror.

MIRA | “School Days“ Edit

To be added.

MIRA | “Boys Won't Be Boys“ Edit

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Powers Edit

As a mirror demon, Mira is able to appear in or come out any reflective surface. She is also able to transport other people into the mirror realm, where she herself resides.

Mira is also able to split her face open in order for her to feed.


  • Jared: Neck bitten by Mira.
  • Amanda: Has her insides sucked out by Mira and is later decapitated.
  • Sherry:
  • Eric: Sucked dry by Mira.
  • Lee: Pulled into Mira's world.
  • Darren: Dragged into Mira's world after his hand is stomped on by Patty.
  • Karen: Reduced to ashes.
  • Cindy: The same fate as Karen.
  • Laura: Has her eyes gouged out by Mira and is killed when Patty slits her throat with a razor blade.


Crypt Monster Universe Edit

Crypt Extended Universe Edit

  • Mira | "The Girl in the Mirror" feat. MrBlacksAA
  • MIRA MIRA feat. MrBlacksAA | "Eye of the Beholder"
  • MIRA | “New Blood“
  • MIRA | “School Days“
  • MIRA | “Boys Won't Be Boys“



  • She is likely inspired by the magic mirror from the story of Snow White.
  • Her name is likely a pay on the word "mirror", alluding to her status as a mirror-inhabiting demon.
  • It is unknown if Mira is responsible for the creation of the mannequin ghouls in the mirror realm or if they were already there to begin with.
  • The way Mira opens her face is similar to a Venus flytrap.
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