"Miss Annity knows best..."

-- the tagline of the Miss Annity promo poster

Miss Annity is the titular antagonist of the Crypt TV series of the same name. She is a humanoid arachnid who took on the identity of the original Miss Annity after consuming a Torment Fragment. She targets and kills people who do not conform to her more traditional views of society.

She is portrayed by Kerstin Porter.

Physical Appearance Edit

Will the old miss annity please stand up

The real Miss Annity

The original Miss Annity was a Caucasian woman with curled blonde hair, blue eyes, a cobalt unbuttoned sweater with a white collar, a light sky-blue dress with white polka-dots, and black high heels.

The new Miss Annity takes the appearance of the original, but as she is still a monster, she possesses monstrous features. She has six black, pupil-less eyes, a large mouth showcasing sharp teeth and insect-like mandibles, grey skin, and six additional arachnid legs. Her outfit is also slightly different than the original's, with a denim-blue dress and a black sweater.

Characteristics Edit

Miss Annity's personality seems very reminiscent of the way women in the mid-1900's would behave. She embraces many values from said time period that many in modern days would consider to be oppressive, outdated, etc. She held these values in such a high regard that she wrote a book about them and published it, which naturally lead to vevry severe backlash as humanity was trying to move on from what they had believed back then. Thus, the new Miss Annity now attempts to force her philosophies onto the modern world, killing and abducting those who do not conform and turning them into puppets for her example videos.

Miss Annity targets those who do not fit in with society or hold values that go against her own, such as stay-at-home fathers or men interested in makeup. Thus, she is able to be fought by embracing values that go directly against what she would advise.

Background Edit

The original Miss Annity published a book of archaic and controversial "life lessons", which included women always being skinny and fathers being the breadwinners instead of stay-at-home dads. This lead to immediate backlash, and to the true Miss Annity's apparent suicide. The new Miss Annity is a spider that consumed a strange purple crystal, and now operates believing that it is the woman herself, trying to enforce her outdated "life lessons" on modern society.

Miss Annity Series Edit

Season 1 Edit

Prim and Proper Edit

In the series premiere, Miss Annity targets a young girl named Anna, a figure skater with an obsession with keeping herself thin. She comes to Anna while the latter is trying on a leotard and checking her appearance in her mirror. Miss Annity bites Anna while she is preoccupied with the measuring tape, and draws an ideal body shape on Anna's mirror. She then places an identical mirror in Anna's closet, perhaps to taunt Anna or get her own point across. She then comes out of Anna's closet, terrifying the girl and causing her to run. Anna picks up a pair of scissors to defend herself as the closet opens again, but vomits a strange black liquid, presumably more of Miss Annity's poison. She is then dragged to her mirror by a mirror version of herself, and succumbs to the poison when she sees that the tugging of the measuring tape has made her look thinner. Anna's corpse is then dragged into Miss Annity's realm and made a puppet in a show about Miss Annity's most recent life lesson -- the importance of a girl keeping trim.

Baby on Board Edit

Kiss and Make Up Edit

Powers Edit

Miss Annity biting a victim

Miss Annity first bites a victim, causing them to become weak to her. She then kills them swiftly, followed by her dragging them to her lair where she turns her victims into puppets on spider strings.

She is incredibly agile, and can generate spider webbing like that of a typical arachnid.

Victims Edit

Miss Annity Edit

Season 1 Edit

  • Anna: Poisoned and stabbed by Miss Annity and her mirror self, respectively.

Appearances Edit

Miss Annity Edit

  • MISS ANNITY | "Prim and Proper" | S1E1
  • MISS ANNITY | "Baby on Board | S1E2
  • MISS ANNITY | "Kiss and Make Up | S1E3

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Miss Annity's shorts were directed by Landon Stahmer, best known for directing The Look-See. However, the philosophies of the titular characters are polar opposites -- while The Look-See's philosophy is to let go of the past, Miss Annity's goal is to bring the past back.
  • Miss Annity is currently the only known instance of an insect/animal being changed by a Torment Fragment.
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