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Miss Annity is a 2019 live-action horror web series developed by Jasmine Johnson, written by Landon Stahmer and Halia Meguid, directed by Landon Stahmer and produced by Crypt TV.

The first season premiered with "Prim and Proper" on October 18th, 2019[1], and concluded with "Kiss and Make Up" on November 1st, 2019.[2]

In December of 2019, Crypt TV confirmed that a second season of Miss Annity was in production.


The series takes place in the Bridgeport Apartments building, following the victims of the titular Miss Annity, a humanoid spider monster that seeks to enforce 1950's-era "life lessons" on the modern-day residents. Targets include women who have not made an effort to constantly stay thin, men who work at home rather than the office, and boys who wear makeup.


Main Cast[]

  • Kerstin Porter as Miss Annity, a humanoid spider monster who inhabits the Bridgeport Apartments. She chooses her victims based on whether they do not adhere to traditional gender values and stereotypes, and poisons them by biting them. If the victims succumb to the poison, Miss Annity takes their corpses into the basement and films a puppet show on the episodes "Life Lesson", with the corpse as the puppet. The Season 1 finale reveals that the monster is not truly Miss Annity, but a spider that consumed a Torment Fragment and took on Miss Annity's identity.
    • Porter also portrays Helen Annity, the "true" Miss Annity. Taking the pen name of "Miss Annity", Helen wrote and published a book promoting negative/"traditional" gender stereotypes, which lead to severe negative backlash. This caused Helen to commit suicide by hanging herself in the basement of Bridgeport Apartments six months prior to the series.

Supporting Cast[]

Season 1[]

  • Olivia Cordell as Anna, a young figure skater who is having trouble staying at an "appropriate" weight. She is killed by Miss Annity and used as a puppet in a show teaching the "Life Lesson" of the importance of a girl staying skinny.
  • Steven Song as Peter, a young father who wishes to work at home in order to stay close to his wife and newborn child.
  • Andi Morrow as Julia, Peter's wife and the mother of their newborn.
  • Michael J. Marchak as Jacob, a teenage boy who is interested in and likes to wear makeup. Jacob is bullied by his peers and shunned by his father for not being "a real man", and he becomes a target for Miss Annity, who presents him with an illusion of his bully to goad him into fighting like a real man. However, Jacob tries to deescalate the situation in a nonviolent way, and he does not succumb to Miss Annity's values and ends up driving the monster away.
  • Charles Curtice as Billy, a student at Jacob's school. Billy and his friends regularly beat Jacob up for wearing makeup. When Miss Annity visits him, Jacob is presented with an illusion of Billy beating him up and trying to goad him into fighting back. However, Jacob tries to deescalate the situation in a nonviolent way, thus destroying the illusion.
  • David Beaudrie as Dan, Jacob's father. Dan has a negative view of his son and his interests, and is deeply embarrassed that his son does not adhere to what is traditionally masculine. After Miss Annity fails to kill Jacob, she turns her attention on Dan and kills him instead.
  • Michelle Holland as Melissa, Jacob's mother. Melissa seems to be the only person in Jacob's life that does not antagonize him or view him negatively because of his interest in makeup.
  • Dana Weddell as the News Anchor
  • Anthony Cotoia, Shamin Shukkoor, Scassi, Jenna Reilly, Therese Lentz as Backgrounds

Season 2[]

  • To be released.


  • Director: Landon Stahmer
  • Writers: Landon Stahmer, Halia Meguid
  • Producers: Byron Ashley, Amanda Pflieger, Ursula Ellis
  • Casting: Jami Rudofsky, Christy Faison
  • Concept Artist: Gary Bedell
  • 1st AD: Carver Diserens
  • Director of Photography: Paul Houston
  • 1st AC: Melissa Baltierra
  • 2nd AC: Efrain Neftaly Pineda
  • Set Photographer: Kate Phillips
  • PAs: Arielle Tuzon, Moe Alvarez, Mike Wolfson
  • Stunt Coordinator: Jason Sanfilippo
  • Set Medic: Craig Marvin
  • Sound Mixer (Location): Nico Pierce
  • Production Designer: Kristina Wong
  • Set Decorator: Christina Dial
  • Art Director: Denver Kotian
  • Costumer Designer: Jocelyn Kuan
  • Wardrobe Supervisor: YooJin Chung
  • Gaffer: Dijon Herron
  • Key Grip: Matthew Cole
  • Creature Fabricator: Nelson Cooper
  • SFX Dept. Head: Nelson Cooper
  • Key Makeup Artist: Faina Rudshteyn
  • Makeup Artist: Brittany Turpen
  • Editor/VFX: Landon Stahmer
  • Color Correction: Landon Stahmer
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Alexander Verbitskiy
  • Composer: Matthew St. Laurent
  • Foley Artist: Álvaro Aparicio
  • Foley Assistant: Vanessa Chuquiure
  • Dialogue Editor: Matthew Larson

Crypt TV

  • Developed by Jasmine Johnson
  • Co-Executive Producer: Jeremy Elliott
  • Supervising Producer: Terilynn Troxell
  • Production Supervisor: Anthony Mugnolo
  • Production Legal: Meghan Moroney
  • Production Accounting: Matthew Taylor


  • Khidhr Applewhite
  • Mac Beauvais
  • Derek Bloom
  • Dane Eckerle
  • Brendon Holl
  • Adam Huebner
  • Gabriel A. Montoya
  • Alyssa Onofreo
  • Dev Sheth
  • Kevin Shih    


The original season of Miss Annity was met with positive reviews from fans regarding the storyline and the monster. Due to the amount of positive reception, Crypt TV decided to renew the series for a second season.


Season 1[]

No. Episode title Original airdate
1 Prim and Proper

Anna knows that prim is proper. That’s the way it is in Miss Annity’s world, and she knows best.

October 18th, 2019 [1]
2 Baby on Board

Peter knows that a man belongs in the workplace. That's the way it's always been, that's the way it always should be.

October 25, 2019 [3]
3 Kiss and Make Up

Miss Annity's web is tightly wound with no room for error. Will Jacob be wrapped in with the rest?

November 1st, 2019 [2]

Season 2[]

No. Episode title Original airdate



Season 1[]

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