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Shelley Crypt TV
Status Undead
Aliases Silent Shelley
Species Human (Formally)

Revenant (Currently)

Gender Female
Age Around 16 (Physically)

Around 36 (Biologically)

D.O.B 1982
Death July 1998 (Strangled By Heidi Aferton.)
Family Unnamed Mother (Killed by Celine)

Lucy Carter-younger sister (Presumably killed by Celine

Oliver (Boyfriend)
Actress Sylvie Nightingale


Resembling her human form, Shelley has a creepy appearance because she is a species of undead (or Zombie) known as "Revenants." She represents Karma, as her killer was killed by the vengeful spirit of Shelley.


As far as we can tell when Shelley was alive she seemed bubbly and timid. Now after dying and coming back to life she is incredibly vengeful and kills everyone who wronged her and then some.


Shelley Carter was born in England around 1982, to and Unnamed mother and Farther. At some point her sister Lucy was born. Shelley was incredibly talented at field hockey, to the point we’re she was accepted into the private all girl school, Avon manor on a hockey Scholarship. Due to her not being as rich -also maybe down to her natural skills a hockey- Shelley became the prime target for Avon’s three biggest bullies: Lauren, Nicky and Heidi. As Shelley never talked around the girls, they dubbed her ‘Silent Shelley’ and tormented her relentlessly, Heidi being the most aggressive. During her time at Avon Manor, Shelley met a boy from Avon Manors brother school Acton Manor. The boy‘s name was Oliver Greenwood and they became fast friends before becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. Oliver gave Shelley a friendship bracelet made of beads and with a silver hockey stick hanging from it. Shelley happiness was short-lived as Oliver disappeared soon after. Knowing he wouldn’t just leave her, Shelley began to look around both school for answers. The headmistress of Avon, Ms Salmon caught wind of Shelley’s snooping. To Protect the reparations of the schools and her son, Highgate (Headmaster of Acton and Oliver‘s Killer) Salmon decide Shelley was expendable. She bribed Heidi with a place at Wilodale Eilte to kill Shelley. Heidi and her unknowing accomplices Lauren and Nicky Cornered Shelley In the barthroom on graduation day at Avon. After some light teasing, Heidi grabs Shelley tie Violently beginning to strangle her. Shelley struggle but was unable to get the tie off and appeared to die right there in the bathroom, much to Lauren and Nicky’s horror. Heidi is able to convince the girls to help her move Shelley body to the school hall and make it look like suicide. In the rafter of the hall, while Lauren and Nicky set up the rope, Shelley wake up, she was merely unconscious not dead. Heidi decides to finish the job with her own hands. Shelley tries to fight back but is unable to and is really murder by Heidi. All this was witness by Celine Beker, know as blobby due to her weight. Celine watches Heidi chock Shelley and does nothing, instead, Celine runs away. This was the last thing Shelley saw before dying. Lauren, Nicky and Heidi hang Shelley in front of the entire school. The crime is covered up and Shelleys death is written off as a sucide.


  • Shelley
  • Extended Universe crossover.
  • Shelley vs the Look-see
  • Shelley vs. Sunny Family cult
  • Shelley Vs. Mordeo
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A


  • GbbxffdbsxbfnVery fast.
  • Her "Hockey Stick Sword" moves faster than the naked eye can see.


  • Bullies
  • School Staff
  • anyone who stands in her way between those who've wronged her and her


To be added later.

Shelley vs. mordeo
Screenshot 20190610-010959
Screenshot 20190610-010939


  • Shelley was killed by being strangled.
  • Her grin in "Hands Off" when Oliver was resurrected creeps everyone out.
  • Creepy. Very, very creepy.
  • She Is...…….INVINCIBLE!
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