Once you've been MARKED... there's NO ESCAPE.

-- Crypt TV's description of Soot

Soot, also known as The Angel of Death, is the titular antagonist of the Crypt TV series of the same name. He functions as a grim reaper, coming to those who did not deserve a second chance at life. He marks his victims with a crescent-shaped wound somewhere on their body, which closes up into a perfect circle after he kills them.

He is portrayed by Rogie Nelson.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Soot is a tall, towering humanoid figure with dark blue-gray skin, a skull-like face, and long fingers and nails. He wears long, tattered dark-gray robes and has bones sticking out of his head like a crest. His gums and teeth are visible, with his gums being a dark, bloodied red and his teeth are rotten and yellowing. Instead of eye and nose sockets, Soot has a heart-shaped network of interlocked red wires where his eyes and nose sockets would be.

A depiction of Soot in the Crypt Tome shows him as having a large gaping hole in his chest. No organs are visible, so it is possible that he lacks them as a whole, though the prospect of them just not being visible can not be ruled out.


Soot is extremely unforgiving to those who don't deserve a second chance at life. He pursues them relentlessly, stalking them in their own homes and instilling terror into them before brutally murdering them. He doesn't seem to care about the bystanders that die along the way, as he did nothing when Rachel's mother, Karen, killed herself in hopes of saving her daughter. He also seems to want his victims to suffer as much as they possibly can before they are killed, which may be why he allowed Karen to stab herself -- so Rachel could watch the person she loved most die in vain because of her carelessness.


Soot is the titular character and main antagonist of the Soot series.

Current Edit

Soot makes his debut in the series premiere, "Current". He comes to take the soul of Rachel, a teenage girl who was supposed to have died of electrocution by plugging a lamp into a faulty socket after her mother, Karen, had explicitly told her not to. Rachel managed to evade Soot when her mother came home, and Soot cut the power draw out his prey. Karen found Rachel hiding in a bedroom with a butcher knife, and they resolved to leave the house as fast as they could. Just then, the power came back on and Soot appeared in front of them in the bedroom. Karen tried to distract the monster and give Rachel some time to get out, but a red wire extended from Soot's body and wrapped around Rachel's neck, pulling her to him. As Soot prepared to kill Rachel, Karen came at him with the butcher knife and stabbed him in the back, but the blade suddenly plunged out of her back. Karen, desperate to save her daughter, offered her own life in Rachel's stead and stabbed herself with the knife. This did nothing to deter Soot, as he simply took the knife from Karen's body and stabbed it into the electrical socket, electrocuting Rachel and killing her.

Flood Edit

In "Flood", Soot comes for a woman named Sarah, who was supposed to have drowned in the bathtub after tripping and hitting her head on the wall. Soot waits until Sarah has come home from the ER, and stalks her around her house before chasing her into the bathroom. Soot then teleports into the bathroom, grabs Sarah's head and slams it into the wall, knocking her out. Sarah then falls into the tub and drowns.

Canary Edit

In "Canary", Soot comes for Clancy, a miner who should have perished in a tragic cave-in.

Crypt Extended Universe Edit

Soot | "Encounters" feat. MrCreepyPasta Edit

Soot appears in the creepypasta short "Encounters", where he comes to take the soul of a man named Dilon. Dilon was a devil-may-care young man who was drinking and driving one night, and he caused a large car wreck. Everyone involved was either killed or horribly injured, save for Dilon, who managed to escape with a small crescent-shaped scar on his hand. Dilon and the narrator went to Dilon's home, where Soot came for him that very night. The narrator played dead as Soot maimed Dilon, giving him the injuries he would have received in the car wreck.

LOOK-SEE VS SOOT | "Full Circle" Edit

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SOOT | "Death Wish" Edit

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Soot is extremely strong, with levels of strength that far exceeds human limits. He is extremely durable, and is presumably an immortal being.

  • Teleportation: Soot has the ability to appear and disappear at will. He can appear out of even the smallest places, such as the faucets in Sarah's bathroom.
  • Pain Transference: If someone attempts to harm Soot, they will take the damage themselves. The most prominent example of this is in "Current"; Karen attempts to stab Soot with a butcher knife, but the blade emerges from her back and mortally wounds her.


Soot Edit

  • Rachel: Electrocuted when Soot jammed a knife into a broken electrical socket.
  • Sarah: Drowned in the bathtub after her head was smashed into the bathroom wall, causing her to fall unconscious in the tub.
  • Clancy: Mutilated by Soot, simulating the injuries he should have recieved and perished from in the cave-in at the mines.

Crypt Extended Universe Edit

  • Soot | "Encounters" feat. MrCreepyPasta
    • Dilon: Disfigured by Soot to simulate the injuries he should have received and perished from in the car wreck. 
  • LOOK-SEE VS SOOT | "Full Circle"
    • The unnamed narrator: Impaled by Soot with a tree branch to simulate the injuries he should have received and perished from in a car crash, then decapitated by having his head bitten off by The Look-See.
  • SOOT | "Death Wish"


Soot Edit

Season 1 Edit

Crypt Extended Universe Edit

  • Soot | "Encounters" feat. MrCreepyPasta
  • LOOK-SEE VS SOOT | "Full Circle"
  • SOOT | "Death Wish"



  • Soot has been confirmed by his creators to be a representation of death.
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