He who breaks me shall come undone...

The Birch is the main monster in the Crypt TV short "The Birch", and one of the popular mascots.

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The Birch makes her first appearance in a short of the same name, where she is to be summoned with a birch symbol that has to be made, and also found on a tree in the woods, and by using a spellbound book which was pass down through the generations in the family that the victim, named Shaun, lives in.

When the birch symbol is broken, the Birch is summoned. Its goal is to protect kids with a heart that is pure, and slaughter people who attempt to harm the victim. The Birch shows that she is incredibly strong, as the bully in the video, named Kris, was brutally slaughtered by the Birch to protect Shaun.

She also makes multiple cameos or references, such as the birch symbol on the tree in the series "MAYHEM, MURDER, AND MONSTERS," as well as in a large book as seen in Season 3 of the "Sunny Family Cult" series.

She also appears in Taylor's flashback along with multiple other monsters.

The Birch was confirmed to have 15 episodes of her own series on the Facebook page of Crypt TV.

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  1. Kris

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  • The Birch is considered by fans to be the most popular monster out of the Crypt TV lineup, and have even asked for a full movie on the Birch. In response, The Birch received its own series on the Facebook page of Crypt TV.
  • The Birch's story became a "Webby award-winning short film" on Crypt TV.
  • The Birch is a clear reference to Mother Nature, as she has similar behavior, though her job is to protect one innocent person instead of all of nature.
  • The Birch appears in a large book (seen in Season 3 of "Sunny Family Cult"), where her tree with the birch symbol can be seen.

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