"He who breaks me shall come undone..."

-- The Birch in her titular short

The Birch is a popular anti-hero, first introduced to the Crypt TV series in "The Birch", and is the main antagonist of the Facebook Watch series of the same name. She is considered to be Crypt TV's most popular monster.

he Birch is a tree spirit who can manipulate vines in order to ensnare her prey. She was originally known as Laine Bouchard, before her transformation.

The Birch was confirmed to have 15 episodes of her own series on the Facebook page of Crypt TV. On June 24, 2020, Crypt TV confirmed that the series would be getting a second season.

Characteristics Edit

The Birch is said to be a vengeful protector, of both the forest she lives in and those who ask for her aid. Her primary goal is to protect those "with love in their hearts", slaughtering anyone who threatens the safety of those who summoned her. In her debut, The Birch brutally slaughters Kris as he was bullying Shaun. However, the Facebook Watch series reveals that she wishes to keep the one who summons her as her own child to fill the hole in her heart that was left by her own daughter's death.

Background Edit

Laine Bouchard, the adoptive daughter of Rachael and Don Bouchard, became pregnant with her daughter Laura after her boyfriend Thad raped her. Seeking vengeance, Laine murdered Thad by crushing him against a tree.

Concerned for Laura's wellbeing, Laine's adoptive parents tried to keep Laine away from her daughter. Laine was incarcerated within an underground hospital under the care of the family doctor, Dr. Sampson. This plan eventually failed when Laine kills Dr. Sampson. Now free from her prison, Laine located her adoptive parents, and killed her father, Don, by using vines to tear off his jaw. Rachael poisoned Laura with nightshade, and attempted to kill Laine. However, after that failed she desperately tried to convince Laine that she still loved her; Laine responds with a lethal embrace, crushing and suffocating the last of her family as she transformed into the monster her family believed her to be.

The Birch (short film) Edit

The Birch made her debut appearance in a short of the same name. In this short, she is summoned by the creation and destruction of a ritualistic talisman from birch, which can be found on a specific tree in the woods. A spellbound book is also a necessary part of the summoning ritual, which has been passed down to the protagonist, Shaun, by his dying grandmother, who told him that The Birch would look after him when she (his grandmother) is gone. On his way home from school, Shaun is cornered and antagonized by his classmate, Kris,

The Birch (Facebook Watch Series) Edit

To be added.

Mayhem, Murder and Monsters Edit

Though she does not make a physical apperance nor have an arc in the series, The Birch's summoning symbol appears on a tree in the background of an episode.

Appearances Edit

Crypt Monster Universe Edit

  • The Birch
  • Mordeo (symbol cameo)

Sunny Family Cult Edit

  • Season 3, Episode 3: "Divine Creatures" (cameo)
  • Season 3, Episode 4: "Violence In Her Soul" (cameo)

Crypt Extended Universe Edit

The Birch (Facebook Watch series) Edit

Current victims Edit

The BirchEdit

  • Kris: Slashed all over his body by The Birch.

Crypt Extended UniverseEdit

The Birch (Facebook Watch Series)Edit

  • Ryan: Has his eyes torn out by The Birch and kills himself by slitting his throat.
  • Wes: Cut in half by The Birch.
  • Seb's bodyguard: Decapitated.
  • Seb: Turned into a tree.
  • Unnamed police officer #1: Killed off-screen.
  • Unnamed police officer #2: Impaled on a tree branch.
  • Evie: Dragged underground by The Birch.
  • Thad: Crushed against a tree.
  • Docter Sampson: Stabbed to death with an IV cannula.
  • Don Bouchard: Had his jaw ripped off by vines.
  • Rachael Bouchard: Had her chest crushed by Laine as she was turning into The Birch.


Appearances Edit

Crypt Monster Universe Edit

Merchandise Edit

Miscellaneous Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Birch is considered by fans to be the most popular monster out of the Crypt TV lineup, and have even asked for a full movie on the Birch. In response, The Birch received its own series on the Facebook page of Crypt TV.
  • The Birch's story became a "Webby award-winning short film" on Crypt TV.
  • The Birch shares traits with Mother Nature, dryads and other similar mythological protectors..
  • The Birch appears in a large book (seen in Season 3 of "Sunny Family Cult"), where her tree with the birch symbol can be seen.
  • Her birch symbol is also reminiscent of the Blair Witch symbol.
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