"Brute, Brute, come out of your hole, and beat the living black as coal."

-- the incantation to release The Brute

The Brute is the main antagonist of the Crypt TV short "The Door in the Woods" and its sequel short, "The Girl in the Woods". It is a savage beast that is sealed inside of an arcane door deep within the woods and guarded by a colony hidden from the rest of the world, but was released when Carrie's friends said the incantation as a joke. It mutilated the entire town before Carrie, the sole survivor, was able to shut it back inside its door.

It is portrayed by Eric Prochnau.


The Brute is relatively muscled, though it isn't very broad. It is very tall, though its exact height is unknown. It has a large mouth used for ripping his victim's flesh and tendons apart in an ill-fated attempt to soothe its voracious endless hunger. Its eyes are very thinly identified just above its mouth. The main feature of The Brute is the symbol burned into its head. It looks like a 'T' with a vertical eye above it surrounded by a small field.


The Brute is a savage beast, constantly hungry and chomping down with its mouth full of sharp teeth. Physically powerful and supposedly unstoppable, sans for one sacred ritual. Just as a poem was required to release it, another is required to seal it back behind the legendary door in the woods.

Crypt Monster UniverseEdit

The Door in the Woods Edit

The Brute is an ancient supernatural being that is restrained within a supernatural door in the forest near a colony. The colony appears to take place in a modern age, in appearance to the resident's shoes, but it is unclear as to what exact year it is. It is unclear when the Brute originated though it appears to be many thousands of years old. Its main appearance is in the 'Door in the Woods' where four children from the colony, the main one being Carrie, explore and find the door, which is locked down with chains. Carrie and two of the four teases the fourth boy who is driven to strike at the lock with a stone repeatedly until the lock breaks. The chains slither off and the door creaks open. The boy who destroyed the lock appears to see the Brute first before being dragged inside and his head is devoured by the Brute inside whatever realm resides behind the door. The Brute then emerges and kills the two other kids and Carrie escapes back to her village. It's calm until the Brute attacks the village and begins to mercilessly massacre every villager indiscriminately. Carrie and her father escape back to the woods to lure the Brute back but the father attempts to sacrifice Carrie, but the Brute tackles her father into the realm and Carrie slams the door behind them, but not before her arm is torn off by the Brute. She recites the phrase "Brute, Brute, go back in your hole and spare the living one more soul," Then the beast goes silent and Carrie is left alone in the woods, with one arm.

The Girl in the Woods Edit

Seven years later, the Brute is unleashed once again when an older Carrie unlocks the Door to kill it. It is about to devour her, but becomes frightened when it sees the Torment Fragment blade on her robotic arm and flees into the woods.


  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Tracking Ability
  • Healing
  • Durability
  • Reflexes
  • Senses
  • Regeneration
  • Killing Instinct


The Door in the Woods Edit

  • Three kids in the woods
  • Carrie's village 'The Colony'
  • Carrie's Father


Crypt Monster Universe Edit

Hospice Edit

  • Losing a Child

Crypt Extended Universe Edit

  • Brute vs. Birch | "Locking The Door"
  • HOSPICE vs BRUTE | "Split"
  • Brute Versus Sunny Family Cult | "Sunny Side Down"


The Door in the Woods Edit

The Girl in the Woods Edit

Crypt Extended Universe Edit


  • The symbol on The Brute's head bears a resemblance to the Egyptian ankh symbol, meaning life. Ironically, The Brute is a character surrounded by death.
  • Eric Prochnau, the actor who portrays The Brute, also plays Colossus in the two-part Fight Night special.
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