"If you yourself can not release, then it will come to take a piece."

-- The Look-See's mantra

The Look-See is the titular antagonist of the Crypt TV series of the same name. He is an entity that comes for those who are unable to move on from their grief. Behind The Birch, he is one of the most well-known monsters on the Crypt TV channel.

He is portrayed by Sean Brison.


The Look-See appears as a tall, well-built man in a blue blazer, white dress shirt, and black pants and dress shoes. His face is covered in large red gashes and is completely devoid of any facial features, save for a wide smiling mouth with corroded black gums and sharp yellow teeth. He has long, spindly fingers with black claw-like fingernails, and he always wears a pair of tattered red fingerless gloves.


The Look-See's primary prey is individuals who are unable to move on from grief, be it from the death of a family member or divorcing a spouse. He first leaves his victims a note signifying that he is coming for them, and if they are unable to release from their grief in the very short window of time before he comes for them, he will murder them and take a body part symbolic of the part of their past they can not let go of, an example being Jenni's left ring finger as that is the one she wore her wedding ring on.

However, The Mistress's Mind implies that The Look-See does not limit his victims to those who can not let go of grief; Marlene would not let go of her obsession of wooing Daniel away from his wife. Another example is the case of Johnny Wells, a football prodigy who refused to accept that the fact that he could no longer play football after sustaining a debilitating injury.

Something that angers The Look-See (or irritates him at the very least) is when he is faced with a person who harbors no guilt or remorse in their hearts.

The Look-SeeEdit

Season 1 Edit

The Wedding Hand

The Mistress's Mind

The Father's Hug

The Poisoned Pen

The Backwards Watch

Season 2 Edit

The Second Home

The Second Thief

The Second Love

The Second Hands

Crypt Extended Universe Edit

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Mayhem, Murder and Monsters Edit

While it does not appear on-screen, The Look-See's handiwork is featured for a five-episode arc in the Mayhem, Murder and Monsters miniseries as a way to promote the premiere of the show's second season. In the miniseries, The Look-See visits five people; nineteen-year-old Johnny Wells, sixteen-year-old Stephanie Lewis, thirty-seven year-old Billy Davis, fifty-nine year-old Gale Paxton, and finally forty-five year-old Peter Miller.

"FOOTBALL FATALITY" ft. Cam Johnson Edit

Cam Johnson investigates the death of Johnny Wells, a student at Northeast University in 2016. Johnny was a football prodigy and was well on his way to becoming a professional after he graduated. Unfortunately, on October 22nd, Johnny was seriously injured during a game -- a powerful tackle had dealt severe damage to his kidneys, and doctors told him he would be too dangerous for him to play football. Johnny ignored the doctors and continued trying to play, even wearing his old uniform around campus and trying to attend football practices. When the coach banned him from practices, Johnny stayed in his dorm room and refused to leave for classes, which put him on academic probation. Johnny's roommate reported that he only ever saw Johnny in his bedroom "watching his highlight reels from past games, on repeat". Before his death, Johnny told his friends that he believed someone was taunting him -- he would open his notebooks and find notes slipped inside that read "If you yourself can not release, then it will come to take a piece". On December 11th, 2016, Johnny was found mutilated in his dorm room by his roommate; his arms were twisted completely behind his back, his body had been bent in half at a 90-degree angle, and he was disemboweled. Police reviewal of the corpse confirmed that "no apparent tools were used in (the) dismemberment".

"INSTA-ATTACK" ft. Cam Johnson Edit

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"SPLIT PERSONALITY" ft. Cam Johnson Edit

Cam Johnson investigates the case of Billy Davis, who was found dead in an Atlantic City bathroom in 2017. Billy was once a beloved family man living in Pennsylvania, but on an anniversary trip with his wife, Annabel, to Atlantic City in 2016, Billy won a $20,000 jackpot. He became hooked on the rush of winning the jackpot, and over the next several months made over $10,000 by placing bets on sports. Unfortunately his stupor was not to last, as Billy lost everything in a game of roulette during another trip to Atlantic City with his friends. Billy became obsessed with the idea of winning more money, and his wife noted in a blog post that he had "become two different people" as he tried to keep his new gambling addiction a secret. Billy was later fired from his accounting job after he was caught soliciting bets on his computer. He then began driving three hours from his house in Pennsylvania to Atlantic City, disappearing for days at a time. On April 24th, 2017, two weeks after Billy disappeared to Atlantic City, the police were called to a casino where they found that Billy had been split down the middle in the casino bathroom. Inside of Billy's pockets were dozens of crumpled-up notes reading "If you yourself can not release, then it will come to take a piece". Annabel was first suspected of writing the notes, but was discarded as a suspect when her handwriting didn't match. Cam Johnson connects Billy's death to those of John Wells and , inferring that there is something more sinsister behind these murders.

"SEE NO EVIL" ft. Cam Johnson Edit

to be added.

"IF IT BLEEDS IT LEADS" ft. Cam Johnson Edit

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As a demon, The Look-See is incredibly strong and swift by human standards. He is extremely adept at mutilation, as the way he removed Candice North's scalp was described as "near-surgical precision".

  • Teleportation: The Look-See can teleport anywhere seemingly at will.
  • Telepathy: The Look-See has the ability to read peoples' minds and find out what they feel the most guilty about.
    • Empathic Telepathy: The Look-See can sense whether or not a person feels guilt or remorse, such .
  • Telekinesis:
  • Shapeshifting: The Look-See is able to shapeshift into other human beings, presumably to taunt victims that are suffering from grief of losing their loved ones.
  • Contortion: As shown prominently in "The Second Love" and "The Second Hand", The Look-See is able to twist and contort his body.


The Look-See Edit

Season 1 Edit

  • Jenni: While Jenni was not killed, she was attacked by The Look-See and had her left ring finger severed, symbolic of the fact that she needed to let go of her failing marriage.
  • Marlene: Beheaded, her head being taken as a symbol that her relationship with Daniel was all in her head.
  • Jonathan: Killed via snapping his neck. His arms were amputated at the shoulder and his head was turned 180 degrees, implying that he was not paying attention to his daughter when she drowned.

Season 2 Edit

  • William: Stabbed with a pitchfork for interrupting The Look-See and taking his kill.
  • Thomas: Torn in half for stealing The Look-See's pocket watch.
  • Mary Capshaw: The removal of her heart, as she could not let go of either her grief of her youngest son's death, or the fact that she had lost the high-society life she was accustomed to after her husband lost the bank.
  • David Capshaw: Killed via snapping his neck, with his head turned 180 degrees to imply that he was not paying attention to his younger brother when he died.

Crypt Extended Universe Edit

  • LOOK-SEE | "Letting Go" feat. The Dark Somnium
    • Ronny's grandfather: Exact cause of death unknown.
    • Ronny: While not killed, Ronny was attacked by The Look-See and lost his right eye. It is unknown what this part of him is symbolic of, perhaps being the eye that looked back at the photograph burning in the fire.
  • LOOK-SEE vs. MORDEO Creepypasta feat. MrBlackpasta
    • Stephen: One of his legs was ripped off and used to impale his torso. One of his wife's feet was crammed down his throat, and he was disemboweled. This could Stephen literally putting a foot in his mouth as he had persuaded the narrator and Karen to drive home while they were both above the legal alcohol limit.
    • Alison: The same method as her husband, but with one of Stephen's feet crammed down her throat. This is likely because she also pressured the narrator to drive home drunk.
    • Karen: Beheaded, possibly symbolic of how she let her relationship with the narrator get in her head and prevent her from moving on.
    • Candice North: Scalped, symbolic of how she always brushed her deceased daughter's hair before bed.
    • Alan Spencer: Neck snapped backward 180 degrees. His injuries are meant to mirror those of David Frost's, his good friend that died in the bus accident.
    • Dan Colb: While he was not killed, The Look-See presumably attacked him in his car. Among a head contusion and a separated shoulder, Colb's ring finger was severed from his left hand.
    • Lisa Mayhew: While she was not killed, Mayhew was attacked by The Look-See in her home. She was able to escape its wrath by flushing her deceased husband's ashes down the toilet.
    • Ray Peck: "Horribly maimed" with a hole in his stomach the size of a softball. His liver was taken as he was over the legal limit of alcohol while he was driving the school bus, which caused the accident.
  • LOOK-SEE | "Look-See vs. Sunny Family Cult"
    • Unnamed Sunny Family Cult Member: Bent all the way backwards, likely choked to death on his own blood.
    • Justin: Beheaded using the necklace his deceased mother had given him.
  • TELOS VS LOOK-SEE | "Fatal Wish"
    • Jacob: Beheaded, as The Look-See bit off his head.
    • The Telos Monster: Beaten to death for attacking The Look-See. The monster was then eaten by The Look-See.
  • LOOK-SEE VS SOOT | "Full Circle"
    • The unnamed narrator: Impaled by Soot with a tree branch to simulate the injuries he should have received and perished from in a car crash, then decapitated by having his head bitten off by The Look-See.

Mayhem, Murder and Monsters Edit

  • Jonathon "Johnny" Wells: Johnny's arms were twisted all the way behind his back and there were bites on his shoulders. Body was bent at a 90-degree angle, and he was disemboweled. It is unknown what his injuries were symbolic of, but it is possible that The Look-See took his kidneys as Johnny would not let go of his injury.
  • Stephanie Lewis:
  • Billy Davis: Sliced in half in a casino bathroom to symbolize his "two personalities" -- a perfect family man, and a gambling addict.
  • Gale Paxton: Eyes, ears and mouth completely removed, symbolizing her obsession with her daughter's life and possibly alluding to the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" saying.
  • Peter Miller:


The Look-See Edit

Season 1 Edit

Season 2 Edit

  • LOOK-SEE | "The Second Home" ft. Dead Meat James | S2E1
  • LOOK-SEE | "The Second Thief" ft. Dead Meat James | S2E2
  • LOOK-SEE | "The Second Love" | S2E3
  • LOOK-SEE | "The Second Hands" | S2E4

Sunny Family Cult Edit

  • Season 3
    • SUNNY FAMILY CULT | "Divine Creatures" | S3E3 (cameo)
    • SUNNY FAMILY CULT | "Violence in Her Soul" | S3E4 (cameo)

Crypt Extended Universe Edit

  • LOOK-SEE | "Letting Go" feat. The Dark Somnium
  • LOOK-SEE vs. MORDEO Creepypasta feat. MrBlackpasta
  • LOOK-SEE BUS ACCIDENT Creepypasta | Scary Story feat. Mr. Creepypasta
  • LOOK-SEE | "Look-See vs. Sunny Family Cult"
  • TELOS VS LOOK-SEE | "Fatal Wish"
  • LOOK-SEE VS SOOT | "Full Circle"

Mayhem, Murder and Monsters Edit

  • MAYHEM & MONSTERS | "INSTA-ATTACK" ft. Cam Johnson
  • MAYHEM & MONSTERS | "SEE NO EVIL" ft. Cam Johnson


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Other shortsEdit


Trivia Edit

  • In the Crypt Extended Universe, The Look-See has gone up against
    • The Mordeo. This victor is undetermined.
    • The Sunny Family Cult. The Look-See won this fight.
    • Telos. The Look-See won this fight.
    • Soot. Instead of a victor, the monsters teamed up to claim their victim together.
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