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"If you yourself can not release, then it will come to take a piece." -- the poem left for targets of The Look-See

The Look-See is the titular main character and antagonist of the Crypt TV series of the same name. He is an entity that comes for those who are unable to move on from their grief. Behind The Birch, he is one of the most well-known monsters in the Crypt Monster Universe.

He is portrayed by Sean Brison.



The Look-See appears as a tall, well-built humanoid man in a dark-blue blazer, white dress shirt, and black pants and dress shoes. His face is covered in large red gashes and is completely devoid of any facial features, save for a wide smiling mouth with corroded black gums and sharp yellow teeth. He has long, spindly fingers with black claw-like fingernails, and he always wears a pair of tattered red fingerless gloves.


The Look-See's primary prey is individuals who are unable to move on from grief, be it from the death of a family member or divorcing a spouse. He first leaves his victims a note signifying that he is coming for them, and if they are unable to release from their grief in the very short window of time before he comes for them, he will murder them and take a body part symbolic of the part of their past they can not let go of, an example being Jenni's left ring finger as that is the one she wore her wedding ring on.

However, "The Mistress's Mind" implies that The Look-See does not limit his victims to those who can not let go of grief; Marlene would not let go of her obsession of wooing Daniel away from his wife. Another example is the case of Johnny Wells, a football prodigy who refused to accept that the fact that he could no longer play football after sustaining a debilitating injury.

Something that angers The Look-See (or irritates him at the very least) is when he is faced with a person who harbors no guilt or remorse in their hearts. The most prevalent case is Raymond, a thief who harbored no remorse for murdering James Capshaw and stealing what little possessions he had on him. When The Look-See attempted to kill him and learned Raymond harbored no guilt for what he'd done, The Look-See frowned for the only time in the series and let him go.

The Look-See

Season 1

Note: As the episodes of the first season are released out of chronological order, these events are listed in chronological order so as to prevent confusion.

The Poisoned Pen

The episode explains the origins of The Look-See's arrival in the town -- after thirteen children were poisoned and killed at the high school, the monster came to pick off whomever could not let go of their grief. He attempts to take policewoman Gretchen Holt as his first victim, but is stopped by his proxy Louis. Enraged, The Look-See attacks Louis and fatally scars his face.[1]

The Wedding Hand

The Look-See's iconic entrance.

The Look-See goes to take a piece from Jenni, a woman who is in the process of getting a divorce and must let go of her marriage to move on. Jenni is nearly successful in flushing her wedding ring down the toilet, but fails to do so. The Look-See breaks both her legs and takes her left hand.[2]

The Backwards Watch

After Louis kills himself by jumping off the roof of a building, The Look-See searches for a new proxy in Jenni. He visits her in her hospital room, first appearing to her as the corpse of her ex-husband, and then as his true self. A wrench is briefly thrown in his plans when Jenni stabs him in the jaw, but he is ultimately successful when Jenni takes his pocket watch.[3]

The Mistress's Mind

The Look-See goes after Marlene, the mistress of Jenni's former husband Daniel. He lures her into the back of her house, pretending to be Daniel, before revealing his true self and chasing her into the bathroom. Marlene hides in the tub after failing to escape through the window, but is unable to let go of her obsession with Daniel, and The Look-See decapitates her in the bathtub.[4]

The Father's Hug

The Look-See attacks Jonathan.

The Look-See goes after Jonathan, a grieving father whose daughter Camille drowned some time ago. The Look-See first taunts him by shapeshifting into his dead daughter, and then chases him into the kitchen before presenting him with the red ribbons his daughter used to wear in her hair. Jonathan is unable to release the death of his daughter, and The Look-See kills him, taking both of his arms and turning his head all the way backwards.[5]

Season 2

The Second Home

The second season takes place in the past, likely in an attempt to explain The Look-See's origins. The Look-See has his sights set on the Capshaws, a previously-prosperous family who owned a bank in New York, but were forced to return to their old farmhouse in the wake of The Great Depression. He attempts to kill family patriarch James Capshaw, but he is interrupted by the arrival of thieves Raymond, William, and Thomas, who kill James and take his valuables -- among them, The Look-See's trademark pocket watch. Enraged at the thieves for stealing his pocket watch and his kill, The Look-See impales William on the prongs of a pitch fork, startling the thieves and causing them to run.[6]

The Second Thief

The Look-See pursues the remaining two thieves, Raymond and Thomas, to retrieve his pocket watch. He sneaks up on and decapitates Thomas, as the latter felt guilty for killing James, and after stalking Raymond, drops the decapitated body of his fellow thief down from the trees. The Look-See then approaches and lifts Raymond off the ground, intending to kill him for feeling remorse for James' murder. However, he soon realizes that Raymond feels no guilt for what he's done, and he frowns as he lets him go. He then takes his pocket watch and returns to the farmhouse to pick off the remaining family members.[7]

The Second Love

The Look-See goes after the Capshaw mother, Mary, and taunts her with images of her lost wealth and a vision of her dead son, Theodore. Mary ultimately chooses her pearls over her dead son, and The Look-See kills her by removing her heart from her body, leaving a large hole blown through her chest not unlike a shotgun wound. The end of the episode reveals that The Look-See has allied himself with Leah, the youngest member of the Capshaws.[8]

The Second Hands

The Look-See goes after the final remaining member of the Capshaw Family, Leah's older brother David. David hears his mother scream and runs back to the house, only to find his mother completely alright. However, it is not his mother, but The Look-See in disguise once again, and the monster pursues him throughout the house. David locks himself in the bedroom and is presented with a teddy bear that used to belong to his deceased brother, Theodore. David does what he has to do and he rips off the teddy's head and throws it on the ground, only for The Look-See to climb out from under the bed and snap his neck all the way around. Out in the living room of the farmhouse, Leah puts the pocket watch on the ground, and all the clock hands reset to midnight. The watch opens and a second Look-See emerges from the watch as Leah watches in horror.[9]

Sunny Family Cult

Season 2

Urban Legends

The Look-See makes a cameo as a drawing in Taylor's journal, along with The Mordeo.[10]

Season 3

Divine Creatures

The Look-See makes an appearance in Taylor's dream, grabbing her as she's on the ground. He is then shown in the Crypt Tome along with Soot, the Mordeo, Aponi, and The Birch.[11]

Crypt Extended Universe

Look-See VS Mordeo: Rekindle feat. MrBlackpasta

The Look-See comes for the narrator, his wife Karen, and his in-laws Stephen and Alison. Four years earlier, the narrator and Karen having been pressured to go home by Stephen and Alison, accidentally ran down a pregnant woman while they were driving home drunk. Since it took the police two hours to arrive on the scene, they were not charged as they had sobered up by the time they arrived and the accident was attributed to frost. The four lived with the guilt until Karen asked for a divorce and they began to split up. At Stephen's request, the four went on one last camping trip with one another, and were having a good time until the narrator was looking through a photo album and found a photo of them all together with their faces scratched out and a poem on the back. The Look-See then appeared in front of the fire, startling them into running back to the tent, only to find Stephen and Alison were already dead. The Look-See then dragged Karen into the woods and decapitated her before dropping her in front of the narrator from a tree. The Look-See advanced on the narrator and would likely have killed him if a Mordeo had not emerged from the woods and attacked him instead. The resulting fright between the monsters allowed the narrator to escape, but he was arrested and convicted of murdering his marital family. It is heavily implied that The Look-See came for the narrator after he was put in jail.[12]

Look-See Bus Accident feat. Mr. Creepypasta

In 2011, The Look-See arrives in the town of Greene County, Illinois following a tragic bus accident that took the lives of six elementary students and one third-grade teacher. He takes the lives of Candice North, Ray Peck, and Alan Spencer, and spares the life of Lisa Mayhew. He takes a proxy in Dan Colb, a comic book artist who lost his wife to breast cancer, until Colb kills himself by stepping in front of a semi-truck.[13]

Look-See: Letting Go feat. The Dark Somnium

In the wake of his mother's death at the hands of the Sunny Family Cult, teenage Ronny has gone to live with his grandfather. Though his grandfather has moved on by practically erasing every trace of Ronny's mother from the house, Ronny finds himself unable to move on from the loss of his mother, and The Look-See comes for him and his grandfather. Ronny's grandfather, who has encountered The Look-See before, begs Ronny to get rid of the photograph he saved, only for Ronny to point out that his grandfather is using a mug that belonged to his mother. The Look-See then drags Ronny's grandfather into the darkness, and Ronny runs into the living room to set fire to the photograph. As the picture burns, he looks back at the fire, and The Look-See stabs him in the eye with one of his claws and pulls his eye out.

Look-See vs. Sunny Family Cult

In a continuation of the Letting Go creepypasta, Ronny has become The Look-See's new proxy in the wake of his encounter with it. Ronny's brother, Justin, is revealed to be a part of the Sunny Family Cult, and is responsible for the murder of their mother. Ronny goes to visit Justin at his workplace and is ambushed by Justin's new "family" (several other cult members), but it is revealed that Ronny is the one ambushing them, as he pulls up his shirt and reveals The Look-See's mantra carved into his chest. The Look-See then comes out of the darkness and kills one of Justin's new "brothers". As the rest of the "family" flees, The Look-See decapitates Justin by pulling the necklace he was wearing clean through his neck -- the necklace that his mother gave him.[14]

Telos VS Look-See: Fatal Wish

A couple, Amanda and Kevin, use the Telos to wish for their fifteen-year-old son, Jacob, to come back to life. The Telos delivers, but the family's joy turns to fear when they see a strange poem written on the wall. Amanda, realizing what the poem means, tries to take the Telos in order to wish Jacob out of existence. Kevin refuses to give it to her and they start to fight over it. Their fight is stopped by the arrival of the Look-See, and Amanda tries once again to wish Jacob out of existence and Kevin tells her to shut her mouth -- to which the Telos responds by molding Amanda's lips shut so she no longer possesses a mouth. Before Kevin can remedy his mistake, The Look-See attacks them. He kills the resurrected Jacob, and tears Kevin's arm out in the process. Kevin orders the Telos to bring Jacob back and kill The Look-See. The orb turns Jacob's body into the Telos Monster, which eats Kevin before going after The Look-See and the monsters fight, with The Look-See emerging victorious. In the aftermath of the carnage, Amanda takes the orb and wishes for something, though the creepypasta ends before we learn her wish.[15]

Look-See VS Soot: Full Circle

An unnamed insurance claims agent hits a hitchhiker with his car when driving home one night. After hitting and killing the hitchhiker he decides to hide the body by dropping it off a cliff. He tries to forget the accident ever happened but struggles to forget about the victim even weeks later. He notices a crescent shaped scar on his hand from the crash. While out on an assignment the insurance agent inspects a house in Harbor and is approached by The Look-See, but before it can attack, Soot tackles The Look-See, seeking to claim the agent's soul for himself. The protagonist tries to escape while the two fight but notices they had quickly stopped. Soot impales the agent with a large piece of wood, pinning him down while The Look-See watches. Soot repeatedly stabs the protagonist and the Look-See rips out the protagonist's throat with his teeth. In the agent's last moments, he notices the crescent scar on his hand has turned into a full circle.[16]

Mayhem, Murder and Monsters

While it does not appear on-screen, The Look-See's handiwork is featured for a five-episode arc in the Mayhem, Murder and Monsters miniseries as a way to promote the premiere of the show's second season. In the miniseries, The Look-See is responsible for the deaths of five people: nineteen-year-old Johnny Wells, sixteen-year-old Stephanie Lewis, thirty-seven year-old Billy Davis, fifty-nine year-old Gale Paxton, and forty-five year-old Peter Miller.


The Look-See comes for Johnny Wells, a nineteen year-old football prodigy who was well on his way to becoming a professional after he graduated. Unfortunately, Johnny was seriously injured during a game -- a powerful tackle had dealt severe damage to his kidneys, and doctors told him he would be too dangerous for him to play football. Johnny ignored the doctors and continued trying to play, and refused to leave his dorm room after he was banned by the coaches, which put him on academic probation. Before his death, Johnny told his friends that he believed someone was taunting him -- he would open his notebooks and find notes slipped inside that read "If you yourself can not release, then it will come to take a piece". On December 11th, 2016, Johnny was found mutilated in his dorm room by his roommate; his arms were twisted completely behind his back, his body had been bent in half at a 90-degree angle, and he was disemboweled.[17]

"INSTA-ATTACK" ft. Cam Johnson

The Look-See comes for a teenage girl named Stephanie Lewis. Stephanie was an above-average student at her high school and had an extremely-active social life in public and online, even reaching 10,000 followers on Instagram shortly before her death. However, all of that changed when a girl named Elena Holland transferred to Stephanie's school in October of 2016. Stephanie quickly became infatuated with Elena, to the point where her friends couldn't tell if Stephanie felt threatened by Elena or had a secret crush on her. Stephanie began stalking Elena on Instagram, and something in her seemed to have snapped when Elena reached more followers than she did. Stephanie began to claim Elena was taunting her, as she would recieve DMs late at night reading "If you yourself can not release, then it will come to take a piece". On February 21st, 2017, Stephanie is found with her head and wrists severed from her body in an upstate cabin in New York.[18]


The Look-See comes for Billy Davis, a once-beloved family man living in Pennsylvania. On an anniversary trip with his wife to Atlantic City in 2016, Billy won a $20,000 jackpot and became hooked on the rush of winning. Over the next several months, Billy made over $10,000 by placing bets on sports, but his stupor was not to last, as he lost everything in a game of roulette during another trip to Atlantic City with his friends. Billy became obsessed with the idea of winning more money, and was later fired from his accounting job after he was caught soliciting bets on his computer. He then began driving three hours from his house in Pennsylvania to Atlantic City, disappearing for days at a time. On April 24th, 2017, two weeks after Billy disappeared to Atlantic City, the police were called to a casino where they found that Billy had been split down the middle in the casino bathroom. Inside his pockets were dozens of crumpled-up notes reading "If you yourself can not release, then it will come to take a piece".[19]

"SEE NO EVIL" ft. Cam Johnson

The Look-See comes for Gale Paxton, a stay-at-home helicopter parent who had a mental breakdown after her daughter was accepted into a college in California and begged her to ease up on her helicopter tendencies. Gale could not bear to let go of her daughter, and The Look-See came to her home and attacked her, killing her by removing her eyes, ears, and mouth.[20]

"IF IT BLEEDS IT LEADS" ft. Cam Johnson

The Look-See comes for Peter Miller, the former editor-in-chief of a Pennsylvanian newspaper called The Gaston Herold. Peter adored running the company "and all the perks that came with it", but the transition to digital news caused the newspaper's subscriptions to decline and the company was forced to shut down. As his employees began to find work elsewhere, Peter refused to let go of the company and began producing a homemade version of the paper that he distributed on Sundays. He quickly lost his home due to refusal to find another job, and was repeatedly seen entering abandoned newspaper offices, with people suspecting that he was living there. Police eventually intervened and ticketed Peter multiple times before arresting him on July 29th, 2017.[21]

Dead by Daylight

The Look-See skin for The Doctor.

In 2021, the online video game Dead by Daylight released a "CryptTV Collection" in partnership with Crypt TV, which featured three new skins for three of their Killers. A Look-See skin was awarded to The Doctor as a Legendary Skin.

The Look-See is an evil entity who haunts those unable to let go of their grief.

After leaving a cryptic note with the words: "IF YOU YOURSELF CANNOT RELEASE THEN IT WILL COME TO TAKE A PIECE." as a warning of its imminent appearance, The Look-See murders its victim and takes a body part symbolic of the reason for the victim's grief.

-- game description of the skin


As a demon, The Look-See is incredibly strong and swift by human standards. He is extremely adept at mutilation, as the way he removed Candice North's scalp was described as "near-surgical precision".

When it intends to take a human as a proxy, The Look-See will isolate them from other humans and gift them with a strange pocket watch, which always seems to be ticking backwards. Should a person accept, they will be forced to serve The Look-See until their inevitable death. What happens if someone refuses the offer is unknown.


  • Contortion: As shown prominently in "The Second Love" and "The Second Hands", The Look-See is able to twist and contort his body.

Unique Abilities

  • Teleportation: The Look-See can teleport anywhere seemingly at will.
  • Telepathy: The Look-See has the ability to read peoples' minds and find out what they feel the most guilty about.
    • Empathic Telepathy: The Look-See can sense whether or not a person feels guilt or remorse.
  • Telekinesis: The Look-See is capable of telekinesis, as shown when he was able to lift Mary Capshaw up by her pearl necklace despite not touching her.
  • Shapeshifting: The Look-See is able to shapeshift into other human beings, presumably to taunt victims that are suffering from grief of losing their loved ones. Instances of this have been displayed in "The Father's Hug", where he shapeshifted into Jonathan's dead daughter Camille, and "The Second Hands", where he shapeshifted into Mary Capshaw.


  • Lack of Guilt: If a potential victim of The Look-See is not holding onto the past or possesses no remorse for what they have done, such as Raymond, The Look-See is seemingly unable to harm them, or at the very least, loses interest in them.


  • Pocket Watch: The Look-See owns a pocket watch that he bestows upon humans he wishes to take as his proxy. Should the human accept, they will be bound to do The Look-See's bidding until their untimely death.



Jenni's first encounter with The Look-See

Jenni is the current proxy of The Look-See. The Look-See originally marked Jenni for death if she would not release her marriage, but she was able to avoid death by attempting to flush her wedding ring down the toilet. After his former proxy, Louis, committed suicide, The Look-See sought a new proxy in Jenni. Though she at first attempted to attack him for trying to kill her, she eventually took the pocket watch. Jenni was last seen scribbling out more notes to deliver to The Look-See's victims.


Louis was a former proxy of The Look-See. It is unknown under what circumstances the relationship began, but it can be inferred that it happened some time after the death of Dan Colb. Louis is the only known instance of The Look-See ever "disciplining" one of his proxies -- when Louis tried to prevent Gretchen Holt, a policewoman, being taken by The Look-See, the monster became enraged and lifted Louis up in the air before dropping him down on the stage and pulling him back behind the curtains, where he slashed his face. It was at this point that Louis truly realized that he was in over his head and he would continue to be forced to aid and abet killing others, so he committed suicide.

Leah Capshaw

Leah Capshaw was a former proxy of The Look-See, and is currently the earliest-known instance of him taking one. It is unknown why she allied herself with him, possibly to get revenge on her family for whatever reason.

James Capshaw

James Capshaw is the earliest known instance of The Look-See attempting to take a proxy. He was killed by Raymond and his partners before he could accept or refuse the offer.


Raymond was a thief that killed James Capshaw and stole The Look-See's pocket watch from him. The Look-See, angered at Raymond for killing a possible proxy, pursued Raymond and his partners, intent on killing them in revenge. However, when he discovered that Raymond felt no guilt for what he had done, The Look-See begrudgingly spared his life and left.


Ronny was a former proxy of The Look-See in the Crypt Extended Universe. Ronny refused to let go of his mother's murder and was visited by The Look-See as a result. After killing Ronny's grandfather, The Look-See took Ronny's left eye. However, since Ronny attempted to release, The Look-See made him his proxy. Ronny then took The Look-See to his brother, Justin, who had joined the Sunny Family Cult and murdered their mother as part of an initiation into the cult. After luring his brother and his new "family" into a false sense of security, Ronny allowed The Look-See to attack them and kill his brother. It is unknown what happened to Ronny after this.

Dan Colb

Dan Colb was a former proxy of The Look-See in 2011. A comic book artist who lost his wife to breast cancer, Colb happened to be in Greene County during the aftermath of the horrible bus accident. Despite Colb already attending therapy to help himself get over his grief, The Look-See attacked Colb and took his ring finger. The Look-See then presented Colb with the pocket watch and made him his proxy. Colb would eventually kill himself on June 12th, 2011, by stepping onto the road in front of a speeding semi-truck.


The Look-See

Season 1

  • Daniel: Removed his eyes for allowing his eyes to wander to other women while he was married.
  • Jenni: While Jenni was not killed, she was attacked by The Look-See and had her left ring finger severed, symbolic of the fact that she needed to let go of her failing marriage.
  • Marlene: Beheaded, her head being taken as a symbol that her relationship with Daniel was all in her head.
  • Jonathan: Killed via snapping his neck. His arms were amputated at the shoulder and his head was turned 180 degrees, implying that he was not paying attention to his daughter when she drowned.

Season 2

  • William: Stabbed with a pitchfork for interrupting The Look-See and taking his kill.
  • Thomas: Torn in half for stealing The Look-See's pocket watch.
  • Mary Capshaw: The removal of her heart, as she could not let go of either her grief of her youngest son's death, or the fact that she had lost the high-society life she was accustomed to after her husband lost the bank.
  • David Capshaw: Killed via snapping his neck, with his head turned 180 degrees to imply that he was not paying attention to his younger brother when he died.

Crypt Extended Universe

Look-See VS Mordeo: Rekindle feat. MrBlackpasta

  • Stephen: One of his legs was ripped off and used to impale his torso. One of his wife's feet was crammed down his throat, and he was disemboweled. This could Stephen literally putting a foot in his mouth as he had persuaded the narrator and Karen to drive home while they were both above the legal alcohol limit.
  • Alison: The same method as her husband, but with one of Stephen's feet crammed down her throat. This is likely because she also pressured the narrator to drive home drunk.
  • Karen: Beheaded, possibly symbolic of how she let her relationship with the narrator get in her head and prevent her from moving on.

Look-See: Letting Go feat. The Dark Somnium

  • Ronny's grandfather: Exact cause of death unknown.
  • Ronny: While not killed, Ronny was attacked by The Look-See and lost his right eye. It is unknown what this part of him is symbolic of, perhaps being the eye that looked back at the photograph burning in the fire.

Look-See Bus Accident

  • Candice North: Scalped, symbolic of how she always brushed her deceased daughter's hair before bed.
  • Alan Spencer: Neck snapped backward 180 degrees. His injuries are meant to mirror those of David Frost's, his good friend that died in the bus accident.
  • Dan Colb: While he was not killed, The Look-See presumably attacked him in his car. Among a head contusion and a separated shoulder, Colb's ring finger was severed from his left hand.
  • Lisa Fitzroy: While she was not killed, Fitzroy was attacked by The Look-See in her home. She was able to escape his wrath by flushing her deceased husband's ashes down the toilet.
  • Ray Peck: "Horribly maimed" with a hole in his stomach the size of a softball. His liver was taken as he was over the legal limit of alcohol while he was driving the school bus, which caused the accident.

Look-See: Look-See VS Sunny Family Cult

  • Unnamed Sunny Family Cult Member: Bent all the way backwards, likely choked to death on his own blood.
  • Justin: Beheaded using the necklace his deceased mother had given him.

Telos VS Look-See: Fatal Wish

  • Jacob: Beheaded, as The Look-See bit off his head.
  • The Telos Monster: Beaten to death for attacking The Look-See. The monster was then eaten by The Look-See.

Look-See VS Soot: Full Circle

  • The unnamed narrator: Impaled by Soot with a tree branch to simulate the injuries he should have received and perished from in a car crash, then decapitated by having his head bitten off by The Look-See.

Mayhem, Murder and Monsters

  • Jonathon "Johnny" Wells: Johnny's arms were twisted all the way behind his back and there were bites on his shoulders. Body was bent at a 90-degree angle, and he was disemboweled. It is unknown what his injuries were symbolic of, but it is possible that The Look-See took his kidneys as Johnny would not let go of his injury.
  • Stephanie Lewis: Decapitated and hands severed at the wrist, symbolic of letting her obsession with another girl take over her life.
  • Billy Davis: Sliced in half in a casino bathroom to symbolize his "two personalities" -- a perfect family man, and a gambling addict.
  • Gale Paxton: Eyes, ears and mouth completely removed, symbolizing her obsession with her daughter's life and possibly alluding to the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil saying.
  • Peter Miller: Cut into pieces by The Look-See.


The Look-See

Season 1
1. The Wedding Hand Debut 4. The Poisoned Pen Appears
2. The Mistress's Mind Appears 5. The Backwards Watch Appears
3. The Father's Hug Appears

Season 2
1. The Second Home Appears 3. The Second Love Appears
2. The Second Thief Appears 4. The Second Hands Appears

Sunny Family Cult

Season 2
1: Summer Buddy Abesent 4. Delayed Drowning Absent
2: The Library Absent 5. Face of the Family Absent
3. Turning 17 Absent 6. Urban Legends Drawing
Season 3
1. Transcendence Absent 3. Divine Creatures Appears
2. Roger and Elias Absent 4: Violence in Her Soul Appears

Crypt Extended Universe

Mayhem, Murder and Monsters

Season 1
1. "BONES BROKEN" ft. Cam Johnson Absent 7. "SEE NO EVIL" ft. Cam Johnson Appears
2. "VLOGGER DROWNED" ft. Cam Johnson Absent 8. "IF IT BLEEDS IT LEADS" ft. Cam Johnson Appears
3. "HELICOPTER PARENT CHOPPED" ft. Cam Johnson Absent 9. "PRANKSTER POLISHED OFF" ft. Cam Johnson Absent
4. "FOOTBALL FATALITY" ft. Cam Johnson Appears 10. "POOL PARTY MURDER" ft. Cam Johnson Absent
5. "INSTA-ATTACK" ft. Cam Johnson Appears 11. "CULT CONFRONTATION" ft. Cam Johnson Absent
6. "SPLIT PERSONALITY" ft. Cam Johnson Appears

Other Appearances

  • Dead by Daylight (skin)


  • Fans have compared The Look-See's design and method of using proxies to Slenderman, a popular Internet creepypasta.
  • The Look-See is one of the Divine Creatures of Darkness -- five ancient demons that are linked to one another as part of an ominous prophecy.
  • In the Crypt Extended Universe, The Look-See has gone up against:
    • The Mordeo. This victor is undetermined.
    • The Sunny Family Cult. The Look-See won this fight.
    • Telos. The Look-See won this fight.
    • Soot. Instead of a victor, the monsters teamed up to claim their victim together.
  • The Look-See bears an odd resemblance to Theodore Capshaw, the deceased middle child of the Capshaw family.

    The icons resembling The Look-See and The Mordeo on the Monsino Map.

    An icon that resembles The Look-See's face is located in Pennsylvania on the Monsino Map. With this information, it can be inferred that The Look-See originated in Pennsylvania.
  • The Bus Accident creepypasta reveals that The Look-See is not just confined to the town of Harbor, as it appeared in the town of Greene County, which is in a completely different state.
  • It is currently unknown if David Capshaw was truly killed by The Look-See, as he was able to release his grief over his brother's death.
  • The Fatal Wish creepypasta reveals that The Look-See's existence is generally believed to be an urban legend.
  • The Look-See appears on a poster in the 2020 film Landon Dies, a reference to Landon Stahmer, the lead actor of the film, being the director of the series.
  • In a 2021 Twitter post, Crypt TV confirmed that The Look-See is pansexual/panromantic.[22]
    • When a community member accused CryptTV of joking and that not being funny, as representation matters, Crypt TV doubled-down in another tweet about their seriousness in regards to LGBTQ-inclusivity and the previous tweet not having been a joke.


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