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The Look-See is a live-action horror web series created, written, and directed by Landon Stahmer and produced by Crypt TV. It primarily stars Sean Brison as the titular monster, The Look-See.

The original short was released on YouTube on July 21st, 2017.[1] When more episodes were produced, it was retitled "The Wedding Hand" and made the first episode of the series. The first season's finale, "The Backwards Watch", was released on February 27th, 2018.[2]

On July 25th, 2018, Crypt TV confirmed that the series would receive another season, with popular horror YouTuber James A. Janisse set to guest-star. The season premiered with "The Second Home" on August 31st[3], and concluded with "The Second Hands" on September 21, 2018.[4]


The series takes place in the town of Harbor, and follows a sharp-toothed grinning demonic entity known as The Look-See, who puts his chosen victims to potentially-fatal tests. Victims must choose to let go of a specific item or person that they have held onto for a long time, and failure to release that specific item will end in the victim's death.

The series relies heavily on symbolism, with victims' injuries from their encounter with The Look-See symbolic of who or what they needed to release.


Main Cast

  • Sean Brison as The Look-See, a demon who hunts those who are unable to let go of a part of themselves or their past weighing them down. His proxy leaves the victim a note indicative of his coming, which reads "If you yourself can not release, then it will come to take a piece". Should the victim not "release" what they can not let go, The Look-See will kill them in a way that is symbolic of what they can not release, For example, the first victim of the series, a woman named Jenni, could not move on from her divorce, so The Look-See took her left hand, which is the hand that married couples typically wear their wedding rings on.

Supporting Cast

Season 1

  • Belinda Gosbee as Jenni, a middle-aged woman who divorces her husband, Daniel, after learning that he is cheating on her with another woman. Jenni is attacked by The Look-See in a public bathroom, where she attempts to flush her wedding ring down the toilet to save her life. She fails to flush the ring as it misses the bowl, so she is crippled by The Look-See -- however, because she attempted to let go of her past, she is made the monster's proxy.
  • Gwen Carole as Marlene, the mistress of Jenni's husband, Daniel. She is decapitated, symbolic of her being unable to let go of her attraction to a married man.
  • Sean Brison as Daniel, Jenni's ex-husband and Marlene's boyfriend. Some time after he married Jenni, he began seeing Marlene on the side. His eyes are removed, symbolizing the wandering of his attraction.
  • Jeremiah Hahn as Jonathan, a widowed man who lost his daughter to drowning a year prior to the series. He fails to let go of his daughter's death, and has his arms removed and his head twisted 180 degrees, implying that he may not have been paying attention to his daughter when she died.
  • Presley Reese as Camille, Jonathan's preteen daughter. She drowned some time prior to the series.
  • Tommy Divley as Louis, also known as "The Mysterious Man". He is the former proxy of The Look-See, and is attacked by the monster for providing Gretchen Holt with an escape from him. In the Season 1 finale, Louis commits suicide by jumping off a roof.
  • Jasmine Reid as Gretchen Holt, a police officer and mother of Jack Holt. Gretchen was working on the case of the thirteen poisoned children, one of which was her son.
  • Farheem Williams as Jack Holt, the deceased son of Gretchen Holt. He was poisoned along with twelve other students by an unknown assailant, and their deaths sparked the arrival of The Look-See.

Season 2

  • James A. Janisse as Raymond, the leader of a thief gang. Carissa Bazler as Leah Capshaw, James's and Mary's daughter.
    • Bazler also portrays Nancy Capshaw, Robert and Barbara's daughter who was killed along with her family by her father to spare them from poverty.
  • Cameron Barnes as Robert Capshaw, a man whose bank suffered from foreclosure in the wake of the Great Depression. He moved his family back to their farmhouse in Harbor.
    • Barnes also portrays James Capshaw, Robert's identical twin brother. James is shown at the beginning of the second season, having killed his family as a mob pounds on the door of his townhouse in New York, and slits his throat.
  • Nathalie Soderqvist as Mary Capshaw, James's wife.
  • Johnny Berchtold as David Capshaw, James's and Mary's eldest son.
    • Berchtold also portrays Simon Capshaw, Robert and Barbara's son who was killed along with his family by his father to spare them of poverty.
  • Diego Escobar as William, a thief from Raymond's gang.
  • Jesse Howland as Thomas, a thief from Raymond's gang.
  • Marie Brock as Barbara Capshaw, the wife of Robert Capshaw, who was killed along with her family by Robert to spare them of poverty.
  • Dominique Illie as Theodore Capshaw, the youngest son of James and Mary who died prior to the events of the film. He is seen in the final two episodes of the season, holding a teddy bear.
  • Chavhon Nakia Frances as Frances and Alex Pierce Ling as Stewart. While credited, these characters do not appear to make a physical appearance in the season.


Season 1

  • Director, Writer, Director of Photography, Editor: Landon Stahmer
  • Producer: Amanda Pfleiger
  • Assistant Directors: Amanda Pfleiger, Nico Pierce
  • Makeup Department Head: Amber Talarico
  • Production Designer: Sierra Harbison
  • Wardrobe: Sierra Harbison

Season 2

  • Director, Writer, Editor, Color Correction Artist, Sound Mixer, SFX Artist, Composer, VFX Artist, Director of Photography: Landon Stahmer
  • Producer: Amanda Pflieger, Hosam Solaiman
  • 1st Assistant Director: Louis Sallerson
  • Gaffer: Stefan Le
  • Key Grip: Brad Virshup
  • Production Designer: Melissa Lahtil
  • Set Dresser: Dan Reed
  • Makeup Department Head: Amber Talarico
  • SFX Makeup, Makeup Assistant: Kenneth Alexander
  • Costume Designer: Jocelyn Kuan
  • Production Assistants: Joseph Siegel, Madeline Jordan, Erika Scott
  • Makeup Assistant: Gladys Ramirez
  • Interns: Claudia Moysset, Alexandra Neary


The original short was met with much acclaim, and Crypt TV decided to make a series of short films based on the film, retitling the original "The Wedding Hand". The series only continued to grow in popularity, with titular monster going on to become an official part of the Crypt Monster Universe. The Look-See has since appeared on a good amount of merchandise released by Crypt TV, and has become one of the most easily recognizable characters on the channel.


Season 1

The first season deals with the death of thirteen high-schoolers, who were all poisoned through unknown means, and the mental and emotional fallout it has on the town of Harbor.

Episode no. Title of episode Original airdate
1 The Wedding Hand

A woman desperately tries to escape the past. If she can release the wedding ring and memories of her former lover, will the Look-See spare her?

July 21st, 2017 [1]
2 The Mistress's Mind

The Look-See sets his sights on an adulterous couple. Will the relationship be cut short before their problems come to a head?

August 31st, 2017 [5]
3 The Father's Hug

A grieving father commemorates the birth of his deceased child with a birthday cake, and the Look-See joins in to blow out the candles.

September 15th, 2017 [6]
4 The Poisoned Pen

A police officer investigates thirteen children poisoned under mysterious circumstances, including her son. Can this community heal from these scars?

February 20th, 2018 [7]
5 The Backwards Watch

Jenni wakes up in the hospital after her accident -- and receives a mysterious visitor.

February 27th, 2018 [2]

Season 2

The second season functions as a prequel season, taking place in Harbor in 1932. The Look-See picks off the remaining members of the Capshaw family, who have been forced to move back to their old farmhouse in the wake of the Great Depression.

Episode no. Title of episode Original air date
1 The Second Home

The Capshaw family flees bankruptcy to a lone cabin in the town of Harbor, but thieves lurk in these woods, and there's no escaping your past or the Look-See.

August 31st, 2018 [3]
2 The Second Thief

After the gruesome death of his fellow thief, one of the remaining two wanders into the woods at night only to be faced with an ultimatum, and the last thief faces off with the Look-See himself.

September 7th, 2018 [8]
3 The Second Love

Mrs. Capshaw reckons with the past death of her child and the current loss of her riches. Which one will seal the fate of her future?

September 14th, 2018 [9]
4 The Second Hands

The Look-See's newest proxy helps him turn back the hands of the pocket watch to release another pair of hands to aid in his collecting.

September 21st, 2018[4]



Season 1

Season 2



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